Huwebes, Abril 28, 2011


# Posted by 2pherman in facebook on January 14, 2011 at 9:06pm

# 1 sm city fairview

called great wall

at the back of the said mall around 1 : 00 pm there are a lot of boys there looking for a sex mates

usually they fuck there behind those tall trees >

# 2 mc donald's restroom

specifically you can do it on a restroom in cubao

along lrt inside the restroom not so spacious still you can do it : )

# 3 chowking restroom

again somewhere in cubao you can have a sex there in fact there are callboys there lookign for their possile clients sowing their cock inside the restroom

# 4 shandrila ortigas

shangrila mall usually around 4 pm

any restroom there you can see many boys there flirting looking sex eye ball : )

note : not all here are just for fun some are after for your money + cp and everything valuable

( hold uppper so be careful ^_^

# 5

gateway mall ( gay way )

you can have a sex there in a restroom at the restroom near cinemas

there are a lot of boy there : ) be extra careful so the janitor wont notice you : )

# 6 trinoma mall ( binoma )

at the dawn usually it starts around 5 pm you can see so many boys strolling around + some are sitting seems to be waiting for someone but actually their waiting for fun : )

note : sometimes in the said mall most likely you will find a rent boy T_T sometime you have to pay _ ^_^

their good looking enjoy : ) near redbox video oke there's a restroom there you can have sex there eheh lol

# 7 D square ( cinema )

a cinema somewhere in novaliches q.c in which you can have a sex in a very dark cinemas : )

no one can see you you can touch who ever you want : )

note : be careful you might touch the old one most people who visit the said cinema are ages 30 - 45 yucnes haha lol even so there are kids too fresh young boys ages 12 - 23

can pay them as low as 300 pesos : )

( this is for oldies only without so much money to pay hahah )

# 8 mcc ( computer shop )

you can have sex there : )

somewhere in novaliches quezon city there's a computer shop where in you can rent 15 pesos per hour +

its a private cubicle no worries its safe their business is running for 8 years : )